SEC most likely to add two schools from ACC in next round of conference realignment

Virginia v North Carolina
Virginia v North Carolina / Grant Halverson/GettyImages

FSU, Clemson, UNC, and UVA aren't all likely to jump from the ACC to the SEC in the next round of conference realignment. Instead, as USA Today's Blake Toppmeyer writes, only two schools are likely to join based on previous realignment.

Toppmeyer believes that expansion into the North Carolina and Virginia markets is the conference's most likely course of action, meaning UNC and UVA could be the two teams most likely to be SEC-bound once the ACC folds.

"I think North Carolina would most appeal to the SEC," Toppmeyer prefaced before saying, "A big brand, and UNC would expand the footprint into bordering terrain. The Tar Heels would deliver the growing Charlotte market, where the SEC Network is based.

"I'd add one more to the list of FSU, Clemson and UNC: Virginia. Although Virginia doesn't move the needle from where I sit, the SEC could view Virginia more favorably. Adding a school with a Southern identity in a neighboring state would fit previous rounds of SEC expansion. Would the SEC add four ACC schools? Adding two and growing to 18 is a better bet. Previous rounds of SEC expansion included only two teams."

SEC may not have interest in poaching FSU and Clemson from the ACC

Toppmeyer mentioned the culture fit for FSU and Clemson but didn't exactly make much of a case for them in the SEC like he did for UNC and UVA.

That's not a shock considering college football insider Brett McMurphy recently went on The Paul Finebaum Show and reported that the Big Ten is the most likely landing spot for FSU and Clemson since the SEC may not be interested.

"The North Carolina schools, the Virginia schools," McMurphy prefaced before saying, "Certainly the SEC would have interest. I don’t think they have interest in Florida State or Clemson because they’ve already got Florida and South Carolina.”

The argument for not doubling up markets makes sense, but the FSU and Clemson brands are worth reconsidering that stance for. Whether or not they will is to be determined.