Texas Tech proposed as Texas A&M replacement for the SEC if Aggies join Big Ten

Could Texas Tech replace Texas A&M in the SEC?
Could Texas Tech replace Texas A&M in the SEC? / Tim Warner/GettyImages

Locked On Ole Miss's Steven Willis believes Texas Tech could provide the SEC with everything Texas A&M does -- and that the "It Just Means More" conference should feel comfortable letting the Aggies pursue membership in the Big Ten if they really want it.

"Texas Tech would provide all the Texas Longhorn hate that A&M does without all of the weird," Willis prefaced before saying, "I mean, you might get some tortillas on your field, but that's about it. I am pro Texas Tech in this situation. If Texas A&M doesn't at least start acting like they want to be here, if they want to be somewhere else, let them be somewhere else. I don't care. They don't bring enough to the conference for it to matter anyway. Let them be happy. Let them do what they have to do.

"If they have that much of an inferiority complex, let them go."

Many top schools from the Big Ten reportedly covet TAMU and Notre Dame as potential conference realignment additions over FSU and Clemson according to longtime college football radio host Greg Swaim.

"Checked once again this morning to see if there have been any changes to the B1G schools, regarding their interest in adding quality football schools who aren't AAU accredited," Swaim prefaced before saying, "The answer is still the same...sorry FSU and Clemson fans, but it'll be the SEC. If you have the time, call the B1G schools yourselves...or their main sports coverage reporters...they'll tell you the same thing, that to most B10 Presidents AAU definitely does matter.

"It may be stupid to hardcore college football fans, but it is what it is. However, I still hear from several that the Buckeyes, (Michigan), PSU and the four incoming Pac-12 schools desperately want TAMU and of course Notre Dame."

Big Ten to have a school from the state of Texas by 2026

As Swaim notes, the Big Ten is reportedly aiming for the year 2026 to have a school from the Lone Star State in its ranks as it attempts to further nationalize the brand following the additions of USC, UCLA, Washington, and Oregon.

"Received an e-mail 10 minutes ago from our Chicago B1G source, that said 'The B1G will definitely have a Texas school by 2026,'" Swaim prefaced before saying, "As we reported months ago, TAMU and the B10 have been having serious third party talks for over six months."

TCU won't be B1G-bound. From the sounds of it, though, Texas A&M very well could be.