Timeline for resolution between FSU, Clemson and ACC means delayed conference realignment

Clemson v Florida State
Clemson v Florida State / Don Juan Moore/GettyImages

There isn't going to be a swift resolution between FSU/Clemson and the ACC in court according to The Athletic's Chris Vannini (subscription required).

As Vannini reports, it could take up to a year for the conference to reach a settlement with both schools; delaying the announcement of the next round of conference realignment until after the 2024 season.

That puts a focus back on the upcoming campaign at least somewhat, though it's undeniable that there will be a dark cloud hovering over each schools' entire season. In many ways, it'd be disastrous for the conference if either were to win the ACC Championship.

Both are neck-and-neck as favorites for most sportsbooks right now, though.

FSU and Clemson most likely to join the SEC, not the Big Ten, when they escape ACC Grant of Rights

Vannini floated the Big Ten as a potential landing spot for FSU and Clemson should they finally get their wish and escape the ACC's Grant of Rights agreement, but unless one or both schools acquires AAU accreditation, the Big Ten won't accept them. Even Nebraska's standing in the B1G is shaky because they lost AAU accreditation since joining.

The SEC is an ideal landing spot for both schools considering the existing in-state rivalries with South Carolina (for Clemson) and Florida (for FSU), not to mention the history of success the "It Just Means More" conference sports and the cultural fit for the rabid fanbases.

If/when these legal troubles are sorted -- and it's probably in ESPN's best interest to do so swiftly if the new-and-improved Big Ten wins a second straight College Football Playoff in 2024 via Ohio State, Michigan, Oregon or a surprise B1G contender since the network has an interest in the SEC and the ACC -- the Noles will be ACC-free for the first time since 1991 and the SEC will have a fourth team named the Tigers.