Auburn football fans empathize with UCF fans during Gus Malzahn’s debut

The Gus Malzahn era is over for Auburn football. Bryan Harsin has been on the Plains for eight months and has been building anticipation for his debut on the Plains. Biding their time until September 4, Tiger fans tuned in to Malzahn’s first game in Orlando, and were unsurprised by what they saw.

Boise State took an early lead in the Bounce House, and Tiger fans shook their heads from afar as they witnessed the same dog-and-pony show that took place for years on the Plains. Sloppy quarterback play, difficulty in the red zone, bad punts, etc. The people proclaiming the Bryan Harsin hire was the wrong move quieted down in the first half of Boise State-UCF.

Auburn football fans empathized with UCF fans on Twitter during the game, because they, too, have experienced the frustrating roller coaster ride that is a team coached by Malzahn. Tiger fans have been there, but they’re glad they’re not anymore.

However, Auburn football fans could be considered a wealth of knowledge to UCF fans, who will have to hunker down and prepare for weeks more of Malzahn football. They shared tips, tricks, and overall feelings about watching Malzahn’s team:

Now, to be fair, there’s still a whole half of the football game to be played. No one is saying that UCF won’t turn it around and beat Boise State. However, the situation in the first half does seem to give some sense of relief to Tiger fans. Watching Harsin’s former team play against Malzahn, and watching them play a better first half, points to the fact that Harsin developed solid football players for the Broncos.

It was time for a change for everyone, and while no one at Fly War Eagle is cheering for UCF, we’re always rooting for Gus to succeed. With Bruce Pearl on the sidelines to cheer on his old friend, there’s bound to be some sort of magic in the second half.