ACC predicted to become the next AAC when FSU and Clemson leave

Could the ACC become the next AAC in due time?
Could the ACC become the next AAC in due time? / Justin Casterline/GettyImages

Chop Chat's Kelvin Hunt was dismissive of the July 1 debuts of SMU, Cal, and Stanford in the ACC by claiming that the seemingly imminent losses of FSU and Clemson could turn the conference into the next AAC.

"These three schools add absolutely nothing to the conference," Hunt prefaced before saying, "SMU is the only school with any sort of prayer to become competitive because they have some resources and care about football, unlike the other two. The way these schools, especially SMU, make it seem like they've made the big-time by leaving their former conference is hilarious. I think most FSU fans hit the nail on the head by stating the ACC is about to become the AAC when FSU and Clemson depart. It's just a matter of time."

The contingency plan for the ACC in the event the powerful revenue-producing schools jump ship reportedly includes Oregon State, Wazzu, USF, UConn, Memphis, and Tulane according toPressBox DC's Jim Williams. If that happens, the ACC would be taking four schools from "The American."

ACC warned about going the way of the Pac-12

Perhaps going the way of the AAC isn't the worst fate the ACC can face.

Longtime college football radio host Greg Swaim fears the ACC could go the way of the Pac-12 if things continue on at the current trajectory.

"A year ago we told you exactly what was going to happen in the Pac-12, and it did," Swaim prefaced before saying, "A year later we're telling you the same fate will happen to the ACC, with their top teams going to the SEC, B1G and Big 12, and the remaining 'holdouts' will very likely be having talks with Beav Nation and Wazzu. Lifeboats will be in short supply very soon."

Most of the conference's members bring negative value but get paid like they produce. At some point, the ACC will have to reckon with that.

It appears that time is coming rapidly.