Warning sent on ACC going under like Pac-12 did in 2023

The ACC could go the way of the Pac-12 in July
The ACC could go the way of the Pac-12 in July / Lance King/GettyImages

Longtime college football radio host Greg Swaim sent an ominous message to the ACC: when FSU and Clemson leave the conference, possibly on July 12, the ACC will become the next Pac-12 and cease operations by next year.

"A year ago we told you exactly what was going to happen in the Pac-12, and it did," Swaim prefaced before saying, "A year later we're telling you the same fate will happen to the ACC, with their top teams going to the SEC, B1G and Big 12, and the remaining 'holdouts' will very likely be having talks with Beav Nation and Wazzu. Lifeboats will be in short supply very soon."

Swaim had previously said most of the ACC will be "scrambling" to find a new home once the Noles and Tiger dominoes fall.

"With well over half of the current vetted Big Ten schools adamantly against non-AAU accredited schools (they're still very mad at the Huskers for losing their accreditation after joining). FSU and Clemson will announce they are leaving the ACC (we're hearing July 12th, give or take a few days), and will both take an SEC invite," Swaim prefaced before saying, "However, this will open up the entire ACC, as they'll all be scrambling for a lifeboat in the SEC or Big 12, with some current ACC schools who are already AAU accredited possibly getting a B1G invite."

Most ACC schools make too much relative to what they bring in

The ACC is made up of mostly schools that are making a fortune off the conference relative to what they bring in. Schools like Wake Forest, NC State, Boston College, and Syracuse are taking advantage of the FSU's, Clemson's, and UNC's of the world. Hence the (either ongoing or potentially pending) lawsuits from the latter schools to leave.

FSU and Clemson are sick of winning big and bringing in massive crowds just for their spending money to go to their rivals. It makes more sense for the ACC to fold like it is than it did for the Pac-12 -- which may have a better chance of surviving if Oregon State and Wazzu would accept Mountain West teams joining them and having a similar Grant of Rights agreement to the ACC.