Auburn football legend Cam Newton speaks out after viral 7 v 7 brawl video

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Auburn football legend Cam Newton apologized to everyone involved for the viral brawl with TJ and Steph Brown (of TopShelf Performance) he was caught in at his C1N-sponsored 7 v 7 event on February 25.

“To every single high school player, to every single person I’ve influenced, to every single athlete—use my situation as a way to understand, that in one moment and one decision, your life can change, just like that,” he stated (h/t Panthers Wire). “And I let my emotions get the best of me, and it should not have been called for. Simple.

“And with that, I apologize to anybody affected—that’s Steph, that’s TJ, that’s their organization, that’s C1N, my organization, that’s my players, my parents, my staff members.”

Auburn football legend Cam Newton accused of ruining youth sports

Newton entered molting hot lightning rod territories when he made his unpopular opinions about relationships known and took shots at several NFL quarterbacks for being "game-managers", so it's no shocker that in the wake of this brawl, overreactions putting the onus on the former Heisman winner and 2015 NFL MVP came forward; including from USA Today's Stephen Borelli, who accused Newton of ruining youth sports.

"...this narrative isn’t just about parents," Borelli prefaced before saying, "It’s about all the adults who are ruining youth sports for our children.

"Adults such as Newton, who runs a youth sports organization, brawl with each other in front of parents and kids. Adults coach kids but feel they're facing off against each other, or they sit in the stands across from one another, and feel their egos are on the line. Adults monetize these same kids with their so-called 'select' or 'elite' pay-to-play teams."

Newton is handling this incident well, unlike many in the media, which has made a point to use hyperbole to smear Newton's name at every turn since this unfortunate event took place.