Big 12 intends to target Miami and Louisville 'under right circumstances'

The Big 12 has its eyes on Miami and Louisville, and to a lesser extent, NC State and VA Tech
The Big 12 has its eyes on Miami and Louisville, and to a lesser extent, NC State and VA Tech / Megan Briggs/GettyImages

According to Big 12 insider C.W. Lambert, the conference is looking to add Miami and Louisville "under the right circumstances" -- and could also have its eyes on NC State and VA Tech to a lesser extent.

"Under the right circumstances the Big 12 intends to target Miami and Louisville," Lambert prefaced before saying, "Highest TV value in the ACC outside of CU & FSU. NCST & VT are next two on the bubble. 18 seems to be the magic number, but 20 is possible. Again - under the right circumstances."

College football radio host Greg Swaim has reported Big 12 interest in Louisville, NC State, and then either Pitt or GA Tech; this after the SEC takes Clemson and FSU and the B1G takes UNC and UVA.

"The four schools that the B12 would want are Louisville, NC State, and either Pitt or GA Tech. The rest? I guess ask Wazzu and the Beavs, but we've seen this movie a matter of fact just a year ago!"

Big 12 unlikely to add Cal, Stanford, SMU in conference realignment

Clemson Wire's Alex Turri believes that the Big 12 adding Cal, Stanford, and SMU, in the event of an ACC collapse, has a 0% chance of happening.

"... the final three programs, the newest to the ACC, are programs I see having a 0% chance of joining the SEC or Big Ten," Turri prefaced before saying, "While the two top conferences continue to expand, the Big 12 will do everything in their power to do the same. They’d consider a program like Stanford with their backs against the wall."

The Big 12 will isn't looking to just take any school from the ACC, but instead is aiming to strategically enter new markets (North Carolina, Kentucky, Georgia, Pennsylvania) or add in-state rivals to existing markets (Florida).

California isn't a market of interest with Cal and Stanford. SMU would be a good fit, but there may not be a pathway for the Mustangs to the Big 12.