Boise State, UNLV, and Air Force floated for ACC in conference realignment

Boise State, UNLV, and Air Force were all proposed as conference realignment targets for the ACC
Boise State, UNLV, and Air Force were all proposed as conference realignment targets for the ACC / Lance King/GettyImages

Boise State, UNLV, and Air Force were all pitched for the ACC by Sportskeeda's Vincent Pensabene if/when FSU and Clemson settle a divorce from the conference in court and leave it high and dry; perhaps sometime soon.

None of these Mountain West programs were linked to a proposed ACC contingency plan of Memphis, Tulane, USF, UConn, Oregon State, and Wazzu proposed by PressBox DC's Jim Williams.

And quite frankly, they'd each make little sense given the markets currently in the ACC.

Air Force wouldn't jump Army and Navy for Power 4 membership

It's unlikely that Air Force would receive Power 4 membership before Army and Navy did. The three feel like a package deal, even if the Falcons aren't in the American with the other two. Raising the athletic standards of just one of them won't happen.

Given the strings attached to playing at the academies, it's unlikely any of them would become Power Conference schools.

All bets are off the table if the ACC itself is relegated to the Group of 5 ranks. But the ACC surviving at all probably means more schools are moving up then the other way around.

Boise State and UNLV best fit for the Big 12 or a rebuilt Pac-12

If the Pac-12 is rebuilt by Oregon State and Wazzu, Boise State and UNLV belong there. Las Vegas would have a good shot of becoming a favorite to be the new headquarters if they move out of their current home in California.

But short of that, the Big 12 is the best fit for the Broncos and the Rebels from a geographic standpoint. The Four Corners states being there gives the conference more equity in the Mountain West/desert regions and moving into the Pacific Northwest would make for a more national brand.

Don't believe any talk of these teams joining the ACC.