Florida AD Scott Stricklin has curious stance on FSU joining SEC after leaving ACC

Florida State v Florida
Florida State v Florida / James Gilbert/GettyImages

Florida AD Scott Stricklin sounds open to the idea of FSU joining the SEC during the next round of conference realignment when the Noles settle their legal battle with the ACC in Leon County (FLA) court.

Granted, he didn't sound like he was leaning one way or another and kept his answer vague enough to where he could go either way on it.

"We have a good relationship with our friends in Tallahassee," Stricklin said. "No school has a veto in this league. If you get ¾ of the league to support expansion, we're going to expand. Anybody who made our league better, we'd be supportive of joining the SEC.

"Whenever we've expanded in the past, the leadership of the league was able to lay out this is why it makes sense to bring in Arkansas & South Carolina; A&M & Missouri, why Texas & OU make sense. We all saw financial projections, competitive rationale, and three-quarters of the league said 'Let's do this.' If there were ever opportunities out there -- and again no one has had any conversations -- that is the scenario where somebody walks in and says 'Here's a school, here's what they bring to the table, here's how it makes us all better.' We would be supportive of that."

SEC may not be interested in FSU when they leave the ACC

McMurphy went on The Paul Finebaum Show a day before Stricklin's statement and poured water on the idea of the SEC even wanting FSU when the Noles inevitably break free of the ACC's Grant of Rights.

Instead, McMurphy reported interested from the "It Just Means More" conference breaking into North Carolina and Virginia markets instead.

If that's the case, the Big Ten would happily break into the Deep South with FSU and Clemson. Both brands will bring significant revenue and can establish the conference as a national brand; featuring top teams from the Midwest, West Coast, and the South.