FSU vs ACC lawsuit gets frustrating ruling in Leon County court

Florida State v Syracuse
Florida State v Syracuse / Brett Carlsen/GettyImages

No progress was made in the FSU vs ACC lawsuit in Leon County court on April 22, with Judge John Cooper ordering that Florida State's legal team amend its complaint about personal jurisdiction, and notify the Judge when it is filed so he can schedule another hearing "ASAP" per The Tallahassee Democrat.

A mediation to be done within 120 days and the two parties were ordered to come in good faith since both "know what the issues are."

So in essence, both sides are playing legal chicken and we are no closer to a resolution than we were before both sides convened in court on April 22. One has to feel for everyone who attended the downright useless legal proceedings.

Next round of conference realignment waiting on FSU vs ACC resolution

As College Football HQ's James Parks put it in February, before the ACC tried to have their issues with FSU resolved in Mecklenberg County, North Carolina, and the Noles tried to have it settled in Leon County, Florida, realignment is inevitable once the two sides move past this.

"The next small step in the ongoing college football realignment process has come as the ACC has filed a motion to dismiss or stay Florida State's lawsuit against the conference, according to multiple reports," Parks prefaced before saying, "That decision comes about a week after Florida State filed its motion to dismiss a lawsuit brought ahead by the ACC in which the conference accused the school of breaching its contract with the league."

This small step, though, is starting to feel like a big one. And it is. Clemson, UNC, and UVA will likely act quick to leave the ACC after FSU does, and the Big 12 will be looking to poach several of the remaining conference pillars.

Once this domino falls, college football's future will have much more clarity. We must continue to sit on our hands, though, as FSU and the ACC continue this drawn-out legal showdown.