Florida expansion could have Big Ten strongly interested in adding FSU: Analyst

Rutgers v Maryland
Rutgers v Maryland / David Berding/GettyImages

Sportskeeda's Farouk Yusuf believes that ambitions to expand into the Florida market could have the Big Ten strongly considering FSU in the next round of conference realignment if/when the Noles escape the ACC's Grant of Rights amidst its legal battle with the conference.

"The state of Florida is undoubtedly one of the biggest television markets in the United States," Yusuf prefaced before saying, "The SEC currently has a share of this with the Florida Gators, while the Big Ten currently has no members from the state.

"With the addition of USC and UCLA in 2022, the Big Ten has shown that its expansion struggles are not restricted to geographical location. Expanding its market to the state of Florida will be a big upside for the conference, opening the opportunity for FSU to join the Big Ten."

That all sounds well and good, but the odds are not good as things stand. In fact, FSU joining the Big Ten is likely impossible unless the Noles pursue AAU accreditation; since, as Greg Swaim reports, the B1G won't consider any schools without AAU accreditation.

"I don't know how many times I have to bring this up, but of thirteen B1G schools I have quality sources for, eleven of them tell me in no uncertain terms that their school will absolutely, positively NOT vote in a school that is not AAU accredited," Swaim wrote.

Miami the most likely Florida school the Big Ten will add

It won't be FSU that the Big Ten will add if/when the ACC falls apart. Instead, it will most likely be Miami for one simple reason: AAU accreditation.

Again, perhaps things change and FSU pursues those credentials with the hope of joining the B1G. But the SEC makes more sense anyway given Tallahassee's location and the Noles' existing rivalry with the Gators.

The U has long felt like a third wheel in the Florida triangle rivalry, seemingly falling behind UCF in relevancy in recent seasons. Being the B1G representative in the state can change that perception quickly though, and give the Big Ten a major television market in the process.