'Next small step in ongoing college football realignment' takes place between ACC, FSU

Louisiana v Florida State
Louisiana v Florida State / James Gilbert/GettyImages

The "next small step in ongoing college football realignment," as College Football HQ's James Parks put it, took place on February 16 between FSU and the ACC; the latest in a potential FSU escape plan from the conference.

"The next small step in the ongoing college football realignment process has come as the ACC has filed a motion to dismiss or stay Florida State's lawsuit against the conference, according to multiple reports," Parks prefaced before saying, "That decision comes about a week after Florida State filed its motion to dismiss a lawsuit brought ahead by the ACC in which the conference accused the school of breaching its contract with the league."

With the ACC lacking the clout to even get FSU into the College Football Playoff despite a 13-0 record and conference championship victory, it's not a shock to see it's 1A flagship -- it's fair to call Clemson the true No. 1 with their two CFP titles -- look for greener pastures.

From a financial perspective as well, of course.

FSU and Clemson switching from the ACC to SEC in next round of conference realignment would feed families

FSU found out firsthand it was in a second-rate conference. Taking SMU from the Group of Five isn't exactly what the top conferences do. True top conferences take pillars like Oklahoma and Texas, or alternatively, USC, UCLA, Oregon, and Washington. They don't allow schools to play for free just for Power Five acceptance.

Good on the Seminoles, and possibly the Clemson Tigers, for doing their best Dee Snider impression and saying "we're not gonna take it" at an institution that lacks both the depth and the history the Big Ten and the SEC have built in the SEC and modern era.

Where this goes isn't much of a mystery. When it does is the better question.