Miami AD sends unconvincing message on Canes' ACC standing

Duke v Miami
Duke v Miami / Mark Brown/GettyImages

Miami athletic director Dan Radakovich sent a highly unconvincing message on the Canes' current standing in the ACC; all but lying about the current structure of the conference and almost rubbing salt in FSU's wounds talking about "access to the College Football Playoff."

“We are incredibly solid with the ACC, it’s a great conference and provides great structure an certainly access to the College Football Playoff," Radakovich said during an appearance on 560Sports WQAM (h/t Heartland College Sports). "We look at our circumstance here with a very orange and green set of glasses and ask are we in. a good spot and growing our football program. We’ve invested in it. We’ve brought Mario (Cristobal) here and he’s establishing an incredible foundation. What’s the opportunity for us here, with things under our control to move this thing forward? The ACC is still one the Power Four conferences that’s a part of the College Football Playoff.”

Truthfully, things are not under The U's control contrary to what Radakovich says. FSU, Clemson, and North Carolina hold the cards in the ACC and appear intent on getting out of the Grant of Rights that lasts until the 2036 season. Should Virginia follow suit, and a full-on exodus were to take place, Miami is likely to land in the Big 12 unless the SEC really valued the potential of bringing Florida an in-state rival.

Miami leaving ACC for Big 12 would be massive downgrade

Miami better hope the ACC stays alive. If not, the SEC and Big Ten may not come calling, and the Canes would be forced to join the Big 12 by default.

Going from FSU as a primary rival to UCF would all but either invite the Knights into the formerly exclusive Florida triangle rivalry with UF or full-on downgrade The U to a program at or below Central Florida. UCF has made all the right moves in recent years to become a Power conference program, while Miami has done the opposite.

Radakovich sounded like a man in denial, and that doesn't bode well for the Canes moving forward. Even the southernmost region of the Sunshine State can see too much sunshine pumping.