Pac-12 commissioner Teresa Gould, Wazzu, Oregon State keeping close tabs on ACC

The Pac-12 is ready to pounce on the ACC if it collapses
The Pac-12 is ready to pounce on the ACC if it collapses / Tom Hauck/GettyImages

The NCAA is no longer a Power 5, going down a Power conference with the death of the Pac-12. In a few years, though, the Pac-12 could be rebuilt, and it could be a result of picking the bones of the ACC if/when that conference falls following the likely losses of FSU and Clemson.

Per Cougfan, Pac-12 commissioner Teresa Gould, Wazzu, and Oregon State, are monitoring the status of the ACC's ongoing lawsuits with FSU and Clemson about the conference's Grant of Rights -- and eventually, perhaps UNC and UVA's as well.

"There is no doubt Pac-12 commissioner Teresa Gould and folks in Pullman and Corvallis are keeping close tabs on the ACC," the publication prefaced before saying, "With Florida State and Clemson unhappy, realignment could create new opportunities for WSU and OSU."

Two-thirds of Pac-12 pitched as a future Big 12 'Pacific Division'

Oregon-based college football insider John Canzano took the ACC collapse scenario several steps further, proposing a potential "Pacific Division" in the Big 12 using eight teams from the former Pac-12.

"The Big 12 has done a great job of positioning itself as the solid (but distant) No. 3 conference," Canzano wrote. "Let's suppose that the ACC eventually splinters. Would the formation of a 'Pacific Division' in the Big 12 that included Stanford, Cal, OSU, WSU, and the four Pac-12 members Yormark already poached (Arizona, ASU, Utah, Colorado) provide a counter-balance to the Big Ten and SEC's stranglehold? Or would that spread the Big 12 too thin and geographically far-reaching?"

The ACC disintegrating will either form a Power 3 or help the Pac-12 keep the Power 4 in order. And in either reality, the SEC and the Big Ten will continue to gross the most revenue and further the divide between the best and the rest in college football.