The phrase 'after FSU leaves the ACC' was found repeatedly in 10-page legal filing

North Carolina v Florida State
North Carolina v Florida State / G Fiume/GettyImages

Per Warchant's Ira Schoffel, the end of FSU's partnership with the ACC is as imminent as a train after the railroad crossing signals go off. The phrase "after FSU exits the ACC" was found several times in a court filing obtained by the On3 site on March 27 in Leon County; the jurisdiction that Tallahassee, the home of the Noles, resides in.

"While Florida State and ACC officials wait for a North Carolina judge to rule on whether their case should proceed there, FSU’s attorneys on Wednesday filed a new response in Leon County Circuit Court accusing the conference of several 'misrepresentations' to the court and also making it plainly clear that the Seminoles are planning to leave the league," Schoffel prefaced before saying, "In three different paragraphs in the 10-page filing, which was obtained by Warchant late Wednesday, the attorneys use a version of the phrase, 'after FSU exits the ACC,' as if it is a foregone conclusion."

As Schoffel goes onto explain, this is particularly notable because the language in previous filings weren't so definitive regarding Florida State abandoning the Atlantic Coast Conference.

"In the Seminoles’ original complaint and amended complaint, both filed in recent months, that language was not used," Schoffel prefaced before saying, "And multiple FSU sources made it clear to Warchant at the time that the university wasn’t shutting the door on staying in the ACC — if, for instance, the league’s television revenue distribution model was reconfigured to reward Florida State and other schools that bring in the highest TV ratings."

UVA to be the next ACC school to take action against the conference after FSU, Clemson, and North Carolina

Longtime college football radio host Greg Swaim pegs UVA to be the next school to enter the fray against the ACC in court after FSU started the chain reaction, Clemson continued it, and UNC became the latest to pursue an exit from the conference's Grant of Rights. Swaim predicted that UVA and UNC would end up in the Big Ten following any exit from their current situation.

"UNC is definitely sabre rattling after FSU and Clemson hit the ACC first," Swaim tweeted. "Expect UVA next, as we expect the AAU-accredited Tar Heels and Cavaliers to the B1G and the non-accredited Seminoles and Tigers to the SEC."

The ball is rolling, and the end is nigh for the ACC. Too bad for Cal, Stanford, and SMU, which seemingly got to the party just before a seismic shift away from Power conference status via more realignment.