SEC and Big Ten partnership 'overstated,' chemistry of Power 4 best its ever been

Jan 1, 2024; New Orleans, LA, USA; A general view of the College Football Playoff logo on a case on
Jan 1, 2024; New Orleans, LA, USA; A general view of the College Football Playoff logo on a case on / Stephen Lew-USA TODAY Sports

Big 12 commissioner Brett Yormark believes that things aren't as they seem when it comes to the SEC and Big Ten partnering up -- and he stressed that the Big 12 and the ACC have as strong of a relationship with the most powerful two conferences as they ever have.

"Big 12 commish Brett Yormark said the narrative about the partnership between the SEC and Big 10 is 'overstated' and the chemistry amongst the Power 4 'is the best it’s ever been,'" said ESPN's Heather Dinich.

"Yormark said he 'certainly wasn’t happy' with the revenue distribution but 'it was fine,'" Dinich added. "He said repeatedly he is betting on the Big 12’s future."

The Power 4 having a solid relationship could be key to the proposed super league eventually happening. Of course, the Big Ten and SEC probably don't want to split from the current College Football Playoff model, though, considering that both conferences get three guaranteed auto-bids starting in 2026 when the field expands to 14 teams, and to go along with it, more revenue than the ACC and Big 12.

SEC and Big Ten splitting from NCAA seen as 'inevitable' and G5 schools are planning to form their own College Football Playoff

While the Power 4 has a solid relationship with each other, the Group of Five conferences don't seem to have a good relationship with them; an unsurprising development given how small of a cut revenue-wise the G5 got in the latest College Football Playoff negotiations.

Ipso facto, the Group of Five schools are planning their own CFP that crowns a separate champion for the Division I FBS's lower half.

The same source who revealed to CBS Sports that plan shared the belief that the SEC and Big Ten splitting from the NCAA is inevitable.