SEC would likely take FSU over Miami, leaving Canes for the Big Ten

Miami v Florida State
Miami v Florida State / James Gilbert/GettyImages

Tar Heels Wire's Zack Pearson believes that when it comes to Miami going to the SEC or the Big Ten, it could go either way, but leans B1G because the "It Just Means More" conference may prefer fellow Florida school FSU instead.

"Honestly, Miami could go either way here," Pearson prefaced before saying, "There are arguments to make for both conferences in terms of a fit for the Hurricanes. But I do think the SEC would take Florida State over Miami, which leaves the Hurricanes for the Big Ten, giving the conference a presence in Florida."

When it comes to FSU, the rivalry with Florida is what makes the Noles going to the SEC the most logical situation.

"It’s no secret that Florida State wants out of the ACC, especially after what happened in the College Football Playoff a year ago," Pearson prefaced before saying, "Going to the SEC would help them keep their rivalry with Florida in both football and basketball."

SEC doesn't want 'redundant market' in conference realignment, making Miami unlikely

Rutgers Wire's Kristian Dyer sees the SEC avoiding Miami because South Florida would be a "redundant market" with Florida already in tow and FSU potentially, if not likely, on the way once its legal issues with the ACC are settled.

"Miami is a redundant market for the SEC (and the SEC Network) given that Florida is already in the conference," Dyer wrote. "Given that television is the driving force behind all of this expansion and re-alignment, that matters."

The U doesn't profile as a good fit for the SEC for one simple reason: gameday experience. Hard Rock Stadium is not only a stadium best designed for a pro football/fútbol game, but it is more than 29 miles, and an hour drive, from Miami's campus.

Even the Big Ten is above the gameday experience The U has, but Miami's AAU status makes them one of the few conference realignment candidates that has the capability of joining the B1G.