Utah might be a better fit for ACC than Big 12 due to ESPN deal, increased TV value

2023 Invesco QQQ Basketball Hall of Fame Women's Showcase - South Carolina v Utah
2023 Invesco QQQ Basketball Hall of Fame Women's Showcase - South Carolina v Utah / G Fiume/GettyImages

Hall of Fame sportswriter Dick Weiss relayed a belief that Utah would be a better fit in the ACC than the Big 12 due to their ESPN deal and the potential for increased TV value in the conference's next Grant of Rights.

"Speculation is circulating about potential shifts in college sports conferences," Weiss prefaced before saying, "There is discussion about Utah possibly moving to the ACC despite its recent move to the Big 12, with some suggesting the ACC might be a better fit due to its ESPN network agreement and potential for increased TV value. However, skepticism exists regarding the stability and attractiveness of the ACC compared to the Big 12."

This is the second instance over Memorial Day weekend in which the Utes have been linked to the ACC; the first being former Saturday Blitz contributor Luke Fletcher linking Utah, Oregon State, San Diego State, and USF to the ACC.

"Update on ACC/ESPN 'look-in': Being told that future pro rata of expansion candidates will be directly tied to the increase in the TV value they brings to the ESPN-owned ACC Network," Fletcher wrote on X with tags of those teams.

Utah is a perfect potential pillar in a rebuilt ACC

Going from the Pac-12 to the Big 12 to the ACC in the span of a few years would give Utes fans the spins, but the final landing spot, a potentially rebuilt ACC in the wake of FSU, Clemson, and UNC's departures, likely among others too, would be best for the brand.

Utah would be expanding its national footprint playing in the northeast (against BC and Syracuse) and midsouth (against whatever North Carolina and Virginia schools remain). It's already doing that in the Big 12 in Florida and Texas and would potentially do the same in the ACC if SMU and Miami stick with the conference.

Not to mention, the Utes would become the team to beat in their conference; something it might be now in the Big 12 but would unquestionably be in the ACC.

Utah, if offered this jump, may as well consider it if the money makes sense. A lot can go right if so.