Auburn football: Big Kat Bryant slams “couch coaches” after UCF win

When Gus Malzahn was fired from the Auburn football program, there were bound to be players that followed their former coaching staff to Orlando. To some players, it’s important to play for the coaches that you’ve built relationships with and who have recruited you since you were in high school.

Running back Mark Antony-Richards, who signed with the Tigers in the class of 2019, was the first Auburn football player to defect to UCF. Soon to follow was a former Auburn team captain, Big Kat Bryant. Originally Bryant transferred to Tennessee to play for Kevin Steele, but that didn’t exactly pan out and as soon as Malzahn became a Knight it was clear that Bryant would be, too.

Many Tiger fans wished Big Kat the best in his future career, but Bryant was very vocal on Twitter about how Malzahn’s UCF team would absolutely beat Auburn, and this rubbed fans the wrong way. While Bryant was certainly a valuable asset during his time on the Plains, his value has gone down in the eyes of Auburn fans who have heard his new opinions.

Of course, UCF won their first game of the season last night at home versus Boise State, but Big Kat Bryant couldn’t do anything until the second half. By halftime, the Knights were down by 21, and fans were quick to point out to Bryant that UCF wasn’t looking all that impressive.

Well, things changed.

Naturally, Malzahn coached his team back in the second half to come away with a 36-31 victory. Big Kat had three total tackles, including one solo tackle. After a lot of back-and-forth, it was once again Bryant’s turn to clap back at the Auburn football fans:

Honestly, it’s time to let Big Kat Bryant go. It was important to him to continue to play for Gus, and that’s fine. He’s in a completely different state, and we have a whole Auburn football team full of young players ready to embrace the Auburn family. Here’s hoping that Malzahn is successful and Bryant has a great last year.