Reporter provides timeline for FSU, Clemson leaving ACC on The Paul Finebaum Show

Clemson v Florida State
Clemson v Florida State / Don Juan Moore/GettyImages

Yahoo Sports' Ross Dellenger provided a rough timeline on the April 23 edition of The Paul Finebaum Show for when FSU and Clemson will be leaving the ACC by way of finding an out from the conference's Grant of Rights agreement: two to five years.

"Clemson and FSU are not going to be in the ACC for the permanent future...whether it's 2 years, 3 years, 5 years," Dellenger said.

FSU is currently embroiled in an ongoing lawsuit with the ACC that's to be settled in Leon County, Florida after the conference didn't get its way trying to resolve it in Mecklenberg County, North Carolina; which is the county that hosts the ACC's headquarters in the city of Charlotte. The most recent development was somewhat of a nothing-burger, with Judge John Cooper ruling that an amendment must be made to Florida State's boosters' complaint about personal jurisdiction.

FSU and Clemson likely to join SEC when ACC lawsuits are settled

Once the legal hoops are jumped through, it's widely expected that FSU and Clemson will look to join the SEC since they lack AAU accreditation and the Big Ten is prioritizing that for all future conference members. Both have in-state rivals (Florida, South Carolina) already in the "It Just Means More" conference and feature the type of fanatical fanbases that'd make them glove fits.

Not to be without any significant additions of their own, the B1G will likely acquire UNC and UVA once the ACC exodus begins. Both are AAU accredited and have the academic chops to fit with the Big Ten.

Even the Big 12 is likely to poach a number of current ACC schools, with Louisville, NC State, VA Tech, Pitt, and GA Tech all rumored to be targets.

The ACC won't go the way of the Pac-12, though, if their contingency plan (Memphis, Tulane, Wazzu, Oregon State, UConn, and USF) comes to fruition.