Breaking down likelihood of each school joining Big 12 that Brett Yormark can target

Kansas v Texas Tech
Kansas v Texas Tech / John E. Moore III/GettyImages

Sportskeeda's Farouk Yusuf believes Brett Yormark can pursue Miami, Louisville, and Gonzaga, but only its basketball program, as potential Big 12 options during the next round of conference realignment.

But what are the odds each school could actually land in the Big 12 if/when the ACC disintegrates as a conference?

Let's reference the rumors to figure this out.

Miami most likely to join Big 12 in conference realignment

The most likely school the Big 12 would take of these three is Miami -- but wildly enough, because of a lack of interest from the SEC and Big Ten.

247Sports' Brad Crawford reported that there's a fear the Big Ten would only be interested in FSU and Notre Dame in realignment, leaving The U hung out to dry; even with the Hurricanes having AAU accreditation, making them an attractive option for the B1G. Meanwhile, the SEC may not come calling, as Rutgers Wire's Kristian Dyer relays, due to Miami being a "redundant market" for the "It Just Means More" conference.

While the Big 12 already has UCF in the Florida market, The U would be a massive boon given its extensive history of NFL draft picks and five national championships dating back to the 1980s.

This one is very believable.

Louisville can be an attractive option for SEC, though Big 12 is a strong option too

The Big 12 will want to pick the bones of the ACC once the projected exodus begins, and would reportedly be interested in Louisville, NC State, VA Tech, and either Pitt or GA Tech per longtime college football radio host Greg Swaim.

Swaim also hinted that the SEC could have an interest in OK State, NC State, Louisville, VA Tech, FSU, and Clemson in the same scenario.

If it comes down to either or, Louisville would unquestionably prefer the SEC and its top-of-the-industry revenue payout over anything else. The Cardinals joining the Big 12 would come down to whether or not the SEC would want to add another team in the state of Kentucky, pairing Louisville with UK in the same conference for the first time ever.

Gonzaga is the biggest long shot to join the Big 12

While strengthening the basketball ranks is a smart play from Yormark, he can do that by adding Miami, Louisville, and a handful of other schools that could be up for grabs if/when the ACC goes the way of the Pac-12.

Getting a basketball-only program like Gonzaga sounds better on paper than in execution. Jumping through the logistics could get messy, since the Zags are a far bigger brand than Notre Dame hoops, which is dealing with a similar situation in the ACC right now.

This one is the least likely by a country mile.